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Kyoto Station (Hachijo Exit)

This area is very convenience to access from outside the prefecture. The Shinkansen Station and many highway bus stops are especially gathering in this area in Kyoto station.

Kyoto Station (Central Exit)

The most popular area as a entrance of Kyoto and a hub for sightseeing. You can start your cycling trip smoothly because there are a lot of tourist attractions on the north side of Kyoto Station.


This area is lively town which has been central of Kyoto. You can enjoy also at night because Gion and Kiyamachi area there was a row of restaurants and bars.


This is a cottage area of Kyoto that you can enjoy the beautiful view such as Togetsukyo Bridge, Bamboo groove, Toriimoto Area, Hirosawa Pond. It is useful to rent a bicycle in this area if you go around only Arashiyama area.

Gion / Higashiyama

This is worth seeing area which has many temples and shrines. Sightseeing by bicycle is very comfortable in this area because there is no directly access from Kyoto Station and it is inconvenient to move by train.

Nijo-jo Area

This area is located in central of Kyoto and accessible to every area such as Saga-Arashiyama, Demachiyanagi/Shimogamo or Shijo-Kawaramachi/Shijo-Karasuma. It is very easy to access by JR line from Kyoto Station.

Demachiyanagi / Shimogamo

This is an area you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere represented Kamigamo-jinja Srine and shimogamo-jinja Srine. It is very good for a person wanting to do cycling along Kamogawa liver side.

Kinkaku-ji Area

We recommend to cycle along Kinukake-no-michi Street from Kinkaku-ji Temple to Arashiyama. It is lined with huge temples such as Kinkaku-ji Temple, Ryoan-ji Temple, Ninna-ji Temple and Daikaku-ji Temple.


Tourist attractions in this area are limited only a few such as Mibu-dera Temple. But it is accessible as a hub to go to west side of Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji area and Arashiyama area.


Fushimi is very large area many tourist attractions scattered in a wide range. It takes only about 20 minutes by bicycle to go to Fushimi-inari Shrine from Kyoto Station, but it takes more 30 minutes from Fushimi-inari Shrine to cantral part of Fushimi.

Katsura / Rakusaiguchi

Katsura/Rakusaiguchi is a area many popular attractions scattered such as Saiho-ji Temple called as Koke-dera Temple and Suzumushi-dera Temple famous for the Jizo which makes your only one wish come true.

Delivery Only

Some bicycle rental shops deliver a bicycle to the place you want. It is very useful when you cannot find any bicycle rental shop nearby.