Kinkaku-ji Area

We recommend to cycle along Kinukake-no-michi Street from Kinkaku-ji Temple to Arashiyama. It is lined with huge temples such as Kinkaku-ji Temple, Ryoan-ji Temple, Ninna-ji Temple and Daikaku-ji Temple.

Because there is no railway station, bus, taxi or car is main means of transportation.

If you use a bicycle, it is good to enjoy this area with renting from Kyoto Station area or Shijo-Kawaramachi/Shijo-Karasuma area.

Tourist attractions near Kinkaku-ji Temple
Kinkaku-ji Temple, Ninna-ji Temple, Ryoan-ji Temple

Shops in Kinkaku-ji Area

Kinkaku-ji Area

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project [Kinkakuji CT]

51, Hirano Kamihatchoyanagicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi


This is Kinkakuji Cycle Terminal of Kyoto Cycling Tour Project, the biggest bicycle rental shop. You can ride "Ginrin", it's original bicycle with 8 speed-gear. It's possible to return the bicycle to another branch shop with additional fee. However you need to let them know when you leave, you have to make cycling plan in advance.