Electric Assisted Bicycle

Electric Assisted Bicycle helps your pedal with electric power. It is very easy for a long distance and good for comfortable bicycle trip.

You need to still pedal by yourself because this is just assisted, but you feel like moving forward with half power to pedal compared to normal.

You can climb up-hill smoothly as someone push your back. Also it is free from the burden of staring. So it is good point not to feel painful when you stop at the intersection.

There is a case assist power is limited on a flat street to restrain the battery from draining. Nevertheless it should be very easy to move than normal bicycle.

Battery capacity differ in duration to assist. Generally speaking, about 8Ah(ampere) is enough for sightseeing. If the battery run out, you can ride as a normal bicycle. This is a little bit heavier than normal one, but you can ride with sensation close to normal one.

Shops with Electric Assisted Bicycle