Kyoto eco Trip [FLAGSHIP]


Kyoto eco Trip [FLAGSHIP] is the nearest bicycle rental shop from Hachijo Exsit, the southern exit, of Kyoto Station.

It has an abundant line-up of bicycle, 10 types from city cruiser to electric assisted bicycle. Especially, for electric assisted bicycle, there are 3 types, one for long trip, sporty one, and one with small wheels.

The special free cycling map which is created by staff is very useful. Also it has options of Morning&Night Use and Delivery&Pickup.

Area Kyoto Station ( Hachijo Exit )
Business Hours 9:00~18:00 [ Use option : 6:30~22:00 ]
Phone Number +81-75-691-0794

Kyoto City Designated Rental Cycle Shop

This shop is certified as a Kyoto City Designated Rental Cycle Shop which meets all the cribed tanderds for security and safety by Kyoto City.

You can use this shop at ease because it provises you services; explanation about traffic rules and how to park a bicycle, carrying cycle-insurance policy, english speaking and periodic inspection and maintenance by a cycle technician.


Transit 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station ( Hachijo West Exit )
Address 58, Muromachi, Higashi Kujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi

Type and Rental Fee

Basis Rate

Normal 800 yen
Gearshifts 1,000 yen
Electric Assisted 1,800 yen~2,000 yen
Child-seat 1,300 yen
Electric Assisted with child-seat 2,300 yen
Kids 1,000 yen
Folding -
Minivelo 1,200 yen
Road -
Cross -
Mountain -
Tandem -

Option for Utility Time

Early Morning Use 300 yen(Start between 6:30~8:30)
Late Return 400 yen(Return between 18:01~22:00)
Overnight Use 700 yen(Return by 9:00 am in the next morning)

Option for Delivery and Pickup

Delivery 1,000 yen(Delivery&Pick-up Optional fee Includeded)
Pickup 500 yen
Delivery and Pickup 1,000 yen(Delivery&Pick-up Optional fee Includeded)
Return to Branch Shop 500 yen

Special Rental Charge

Short Use -
Long Term Use -
24 Hours -

Otional Servise

Baggage Storage Free of charge
Baggage Delivery Pay
Map Free of charge
Drink -
Helmet for Adult -
Raincoat -
Backpack -
Smartphone Holder -
Navigation Device -
Simple Child-seat -
Goods -
Tour Pay

Discount Servise

Multiple Days -
Group -
Student -
Rainy Day -
Afternoon -
Membership -
Park and Ride -

Insurance and Safeguards

Traffic Accident It is included in the fee.
theft -
Flat Tire It is included in the fee.