Fuune is the bicycle rental shop which has various lineup mainly tandem bicycle.
Having also bicycle for kid and electric assisted bicycle with child-seat, it's good for family.

Plenty of option is attractive such as navigation tool, rucksack and so on.
Starting after 4 pm, you can use the bicycle by closing time on the next day with 1-day price.

Area Kyoto Station ( Central Exit )
Business Hours 8:30~19:00 ( Apr.-Nov. )、9:00~18:30 ( Dec.~Mar. )
Phone Number +81-75-371-7800
Website http://miyakoshiki.wixsite.com/mysite


Transit 5-minute from Kyoto Station ( Karasuma Central Exsit )
Address 5, Mikatakonyacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Type and Rental Fee

Basis Rate

Normal -
Gearshifts -
Electric Assisted 1,500 yen~1,800 yen
Child-seat -
Electric Assisted with child-seat 2,000 yen~2,300 yen
Kids 800 yen
Folding -
Minivelo -
Road -
Cross 1,000 yen
Mountain -
Tandem 3,500 yen

Option for Utility Time

Early Morning Use -
Late Return -
Overnight Use Free of charge ( Return by 10:00 am in the next morning )
※except electric assisted bicycle
※You have to check the availability for the next day.

Option for Delivery and Pickup

Delivery -
Pickup 300 yen
Delivery and Pickup -
Return to Branch Shop -

Special Rental Charge

Short Use -
Long Term Use -
24 Hours -

Otional Servise

Baggage Storage Free of charge
Baggage Delivery -
Map Free of charge
Drink -
Helmet for Adult -
Raincoat -
Backpack Free of charge
Smartphone Holder -
Navigation Device -
Simple Child-seat -
Goods -
Tour -

Discount Servise

Multiple Days -
Group -
Student -
Rainy Day -
Afternoon -
Membership -
Park and Ride -

Insurance and Safeguards

Traffic Accident -
theft -
Flat Tire -